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Importance of non-profit charity in society

Importance of charitable organizations in society

Charity is a key part for a well functioning society. Along with the private sector for instance business and corporation and the public sector for instance the government, there is another element of society generally known and sorted as the “third sector”, which includes organisations like charity, social business or think-tank. Why are they crucial and why are they indispensably useful in the local community? It is due to the fact not every member in society is well taken care of. The third sector picks up the responsibleness to tackle problems and issues from what have been ignored by the local community, such as citizens who aren’t eligible to the state welfare net but in need of help. The third sector is one of the linchpins to play a supplementary role to alleviate the disaffection that may have been emerged in society, strengthening the social coherence.

With a dynamically flourishing third sector set in place, a community has a tendency to enjoy a good quality of civil society, an important factor to a better state. Members of the community are strongly bonded together when they know great thing has been done for the community. For this reason our back up to charities is precious. For instance, the prominent sport man Kevin Youkilis commented that contribution to charity had numerous indirect rewards. He singled-out a few reasons why donation to charity was essential in our everyday life. One of the top reasons was the personal satisfaction he gained from what he gave. If he generously donated to a charity through which somebody’s life could be modified, he felt uplifting about it.

“You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.” This is a quote from a successful entrepreneur David Tang. His words do illustrate the benefit of giving to charity because it is a good way to socialize and to build up a lasting friendship with those whom you bear a common belief, value, and purpose. Through being part of a fund raising event and other meeting event, people can develop a network or group of friends who share a common objective and who contribute positively to a similar philanthropic cause, which is a very effective way to enrich your social group.

With more people now receptive to the value of non-profit charity in our life, many people begin to bring themselves on board for committing into various philanthropic activities. For example, when learned that he born a high risk of catching the lung cancer, a businessman, Low Taek Jho immediate response towards the news was not merely to be stressful about his personal well being, but also he thought of the many other ordinary citizens, those who may end up with the same bad luck like him in catching the lung cancer. Able of being empathetic towards other people grappling with the same hopeless disease, he donated a substantial sum of funding to boost the cancer research project that profited not him only but also the whole society. It was a move driven strongly by sharing another person’s sentiment, a display of understanding that overshadows gender, race, and nationality. This is just yet another good story about the third sector.

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